Model Mondays: Harijs Broza

I have no idea how to pronounce this European hotties name, but thats fine by me. Six foot, 28 year old Harijs currently divides his time between Europe, Los Angeles and Miami for photo shoots. He fairly new to the game but at 5% bodyfat, an incredible handsome face and a wonderful bulge (seen here in a singlet) I'm sure we'll see lots and lots of him in the near future. Want to see hot guys get massaged? Happy Ending included of course... check out Rub Him here
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2 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Harijs Broza”

  1. That is one beautiful tight body. (what I would like to look like)

    I’m going to print one of these pictures out and hang it on my refrigerator for my spring workout encouragement!

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