Model Mondays: Ethan Reynolds

Ethan has been featured and interview in such magazines as DNA, reFresh, and Regional. For a good reason too... ... he's got one hell of a gift 😉 Haha, sorry I couldn't help myself! This sexy stud has quite a few credits to his name and embodies one of those 'perfect' physiques (I put 'perfect' in quotation because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is 'perfect to someone) I have to say I prefer him with dark hair, but he can go light- very light as well. The 30 year old Los Angeles resident hopes to build his portfolio more and go 'pro' soon. Even though he seems pretty experienced to me! SCORE! Skimpy underwear shot! YES!
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4 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Ethan Reynolds”

  1. You should bring back Model Mondays, I have a suggestion, Rusty Joiner. He is an absolute DOLL and amazing. Rusty seems obtainable but still has the LOOK. He also starred in Ru Paul’s music video for “Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous” Please add Rusty!! I’m obsessed with him.

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