Model Mondays: Eric and the Secret Forest

Photographed by the talented photographer Mano martinez for Rocket Magazine, this is Eric in the "Secret Forest" Really I just have a few questions. 1) If its secret, there is no need for any clothes, so... why do you tease eric? 2) Where can I find this secret forest? 3) Who else is there and are they just as hot? To see more guys like Eric, visit Blake Mason here mano-martinez-for-rocket-magazine-4 mano-martinez-for-rocket-magazine-5 mano-martinez-for-rocket-magazine-0 mano-martinez-for-rocket-magazine-3 mano-martinez-for-rocket-magazine-2 mano-martinez-for-rocket-magazine-1 Related site: Blake Mason
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2 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Eric and the Secret Forest”

    1. I’m really hoping so soon- been working on a few of them, just haven’t managed to finish.

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