Model Mondays: Derrick Davenport

Mett Derrick, the 33 year old 2006 Playgirl man of the year. Even 5 years later, he is hot as hell. Thanks to Jeff for suggesting this one (and many others which are coming up soon!)... a double thank you to Jeff for suggesting such a hot guy with so many nude photos out there 😀 PS, you can click on any of these pics to make them much larger... I suggest it with the last one. hehe I had to include this one because its says 'the Vermont shoot' and I'm from there... This could be one of any number of red barns in the state, but I'm going to pretend to know which one it is and fantasize accordingly.
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18 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Derrick Davenport”

  1. He apparently used to be a high school gym teacher.

    And let the erotic student/teacher fantasizing commence.

    1. Andy please… make a post of Derrick as Rudy Martin or whatever, doing gay porn… i just can’t find him… im desperate like a housewife xD …

  2. Oh god my dad walked in on me looking at this,
    i said i was thinking about going back to the gym and this is a body i want.

    He didnt look happy!

  3. This fucking Hotty is from my home state of South Carolina. From a town called Greenwood. He is fucking hot! There are a lot of hot guys like this in SC.

  4. dude ffs… im going mad looking for him doing gay por… is that true? plz help me im loosing my mind… and my d*ck !!

    1. @same anonymous from above: I’ve searched pretty exhaustively and cannot find any gay porn of him, or any credible mention of him doing gay porn. A final search this morning brought the same results. I’m sorry 🙁 But you can find some extremely hot pictures of him here, at Just be sure to click ‘more’ on the website for tons of hot nude pics of him. Cheers!

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