Model Mondays: Clever Underwear Model

I have no clue who this guy is... but DAMN. I am sooooo buying these underwear for my boyfriend. Today. Which ones should I get him? My vote is for the third pair. Check out our sponsors at Its Gonna Hurt- They sent us this video to post 😉
This young man gets put in a tricky situation with a big black dick. We meet up with Aj and basically didn't tell him how big Izzy's dick. He's in for a nice surprise when he see how big his cock is. Somehow he was able to swallow it up with his mouth and ass. Cum watch and enjoy!.
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2 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Clever Underwear Model”

  1. Get the white mesh briefs, then you can suck him off through his undies and and watch his cum drip through, hot 🙂

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