Model Mondays: Christopher Fawcett

So, for those of you that were paying attention last week, I made a boo boo when I posted a pick of gorgeous model Christopher Fawcett where I should I have posted one of Kaylan Morgan. Now, when I look back on it, I really have no idea how I made the mistake, but when you look at as many pictures of models as I do trying to find ones to post, its an easy mistake I suppose. Anyway... there was outcry to post Christopher (by that I mean two people suggested it). And you know I always deliver. Or try to at least. So... background info. He is in his early 20's, from Colorado and been gaining a lot of notice recently. Especially from me. I swear I've exhausted google's search engines looking for more pics of him. So I hope you enjoy! By the way... he is gay 😉 Score one for us. Related site: Military Classified!
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10 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Christopher Fawcett”

  1. Fuck yes . . . . . . thanks Andy!

    At first when he appeared in INTERNATIONAL MALE, thought he might be Eurasian, but then I found out, after some intense investigation (ha ha ha) pretty sure his father is Latino. Don’t think Fawcett is his real last name.

    (I cannot tell you how many photos I have of Christopher)

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