Model Mondays: Bruno

These images were done for OMG Brazil.... and OMG indeed. Bruno is pure sexiness. Those biceps? They SLAY me this early in the morning. I have no clue how I'm going to get through class thinking about it all morning. Oh well, if I get called out for having a total hard-on in class I can just say "April Fools!" bruno-omgbrazil-0 This is what I think when I saw this next picture- "Fuck you shadows...." bruno-omgbrazil-1 bruno-omgbrazil-2 bruno-omgbrazil-3 bruno-omgbrazil-4 bruno-omgbrazil-5 bruno-omgbrazil-6 More like Bruno in the members area of Chaos Men. Not a member? Join here for instant hotness.
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