Model Mondays: Andreas Lundin

You can fidn Andreas's complete bio on his website and its definitely worth a read. Its very eloquent and makes him even hotter, in my eyes. And I already thought he was hot, so... take from that what you will. But the basics: he was born in southern Sweden in 1981, has a large family. He was a fitness trainer and slowly got into the modeling business after studying Physiology at Stockholm University of Sports. In 2003 he ended up moving to Sydney, Australia where modeling picked up and since then, he's been on the cover of a bunch of fitness magazines and worked with AussieBum, highlights below 😉 You can read the entire bio on his website, its pretty good and there are a bunch of cute pictures of him as a kid. Check it out. These will have to keep me company for the week as I dropped Al off at the airport this morning so he could go to Vegas. I know right... the bastard didn't take me. Oh well, I've got a hot underwear model in my bed right now. Sure, he's on my computer, but he'll do just fine 😉 Enjoy!
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