Model Mondays: Alan Valdez

Meet 22 year old Alan Valdez, body builder, fitness model, and... according to one person on a chat forum, a dancer in a bar down in Ft. Lauderdale. Its only a couple hours away from me, so I'm going to go investigate and let you know the name as soon as I scour the city to find it 😀
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8 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Alan Valdez”

  1. He is handsome in the last pic- the first pic looks like a layout for Maxim or Playboy though- he is just missing the long hair, second pic is Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. 3rd and 4th pic are pretty freakin hot hot-makes you want to see more- . The next to the last is Valley of the Dolls- minus the martini and the valium bottle.

  2. @haters as if you will ever gonna look like him ever in your entire fatty fugly life, gimme a break who the fuck are you to judge anyway mister universe?

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