Model Mondays: Adam A

Someday, I'm going to find the impossibly beautiful beach that they photograph all these models on. And I'm going to build a house there. and in that house I'm going to have an unending supply of lube and condoms. And also an unlimited supply of energy drinks. That way, my life will be spent on an impossibly beautiful beach beating it to all these impossibly gorgeous models, and when I'm lucky enough, use my energy drinks and condoms to give them a thorough inspection. Someday. adam-a-undergear-0 adam-a-undergear-1 adam-a-undergear-2 adam-a-undergear-3 adam-a-undergear-4 adam-a-undergear-5 Until that day though, I'll continue to visit Sean Cody daily. You can too, visit Sean Cody here.
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One thought on “Model Mondays: Adam A”

  1. This guy, who happens to be Lebanese, used to live here in Washington DC and was attending college. I’m pretty sure he moved to NYC – so keep your eyes peeled Manhattan girls!

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