Model Mondays

Yeah, I know I've been slacking off big time lately. I've been enjoying my much needed winter break traveling around. Currently I'm in Los Angeles till the end of the week, but just spent some time in San Francisco and took a couple of days to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, which I've always wanted to do 🙂 At the end of the week its back to Florida and back to work. If you are in the LA area, drop me a line @ For more sports related posts, check out this on the Banana Blog teamm8-racer-0 teamm8-racer-2 teamm8-racer-4 teamm8-racer-part2-0 teamm8-racer-part2-1 teamm8-racer-part2-4 teamm8-racer-part2-5 teamm8-racer-part2-6
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