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Michael Fassbender…. Oh yes, more…

So, I just found these and thought I’d add them to the collection of photos I put up of Michael recently… you can find those here… Its obvious he is packin’ something and I can’t wait to watch the NC-17 rated ‘Shame’ which hits theater shortly here in Orlando. Well… hits one theater here in Orlando, the rest wont play NC-17 films. So, why am I so excited to see this movie? Apparently, its amazing. But also this :

Oh, and this:

More importantly, I’m excited about seeing that without a layer of clothes over it. Word is… full frontal. Oh yeah. Showing your ass in movies is no big deal anymore, but I do have a shot of that too, so naturally I’ll share that.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Fassbender…. Oh yes, more…

  1. OH, YES someone else who saw this.. I saw that when I was watching him in the x-men movie and had to rewind and pause.. his cock looks really yummy. = )

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