Matt Bomer’s Deleted Scene

Ok, so Magic Mike may not have been an awesome movie, and one of the reasons may have been because they deleted this scene with amazing hot Matt Bomer... Lucky for you, so that you don't have to watch the movie, I have the screen caps here. Enjoy 😉 Source: Buzzfeed Related Site: Lucas Entertainment
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5 thoughts on “Matt Bomer’s Deleted Scene”

  1. I think everyone, including myself, was hoping for some full frontal cock and more bare naked ass – but Hollywood is NOT ready for that! If this had had a European director or someone like Gregg Araki, and then filmed (independently overseas) – we may have gotten our wish! Maybe not with “A” list actors though.

    1. . . . and why in the hell would they cut this scene out of the movie, there is nothing risque about it at all! Hollywood yuck!

  2. Not even, they did a Chippendales TV movie years ago that was more risque than this movie. They made a stripper movie, obviously selling sex, but then they try and make it PG enough to be acceptable by the general public. There wasn’t even much stripping. They are in their costumes and as soon as the shirt comes off, the scene ends and there was only a handful of scenes like that, maybe a couple of them flashed an ass in a gstring. It was terrible. I would have liked to see this film made by someone with some fucking balls.

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