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(For those of you confused by this, I'm also starting a personal blog on a hopefully upcoming new site me and Al have planned. I'm introducing the blog here on TMSB to get things going. It took me a few weeks to get it going after the original decision.) This isn’t going to be easy. I honestly thought that I would have 100,000 things to say. I’m a writer and can write about nearly anything under the sun with the exception of one big thing apparently. Myself. I have no clue what to say, where to start or even what I should be writing about. Sex? Yup, I have it fairly often. But I’m not a porn star no matter how much my boyfriend Albert wants me to be. There is nothing wild and crazy enough about my sex life to make truly interesting enough for other’s to read about. Well there is the spare room in my apartment I could write all about… you know the one with the sling, glory hole, gimp suits complete with ball gags and the donkey we picked up in Tijuana last July (but just so we are clear- none of that exists in my apartment, including the spare room. I live in a one bedroom deal). But I have to say that I’m completely satisfied. Al is a great partner in the sex department, even though I wish “it” was a bit smaller. It would make things a whole lot easier when I’m on my back.

Oh god it exists!

I could write about the blog. That, however, would get pretty boring quickly. All the posts would read like this: “I searched the internet for something to post today, but I got side tracked, jerked off, and then still didn’t find anything.” I could write about the Banana Blog: “Hey Andrew, what do you think of the lighting in this video? Is the song in the background too loud?” Porn to me and Albert has become work, although I do have to admit I’m of course turned on by some of it. My first instinct though is to look for quality and relative post-ability. The next thing I look for is if I know anyone in the video. It’s actually happened before. You start touching yourself and then BAM… guy from high school you went out with once is in something like a hammock with 4 fists inside of him working him like a puppet. Writing a biography would be way too boring for you guys, and writing about my general interests would be more of a personal ad, and I’m not making this out to be a craigslist post. I will tell you though, that I am an Aries. Essentially, I have no idea where this blog is going to go. Some posts will be stuff I find online, some posts will be about my sex life, some posts will be entirely random and maybe some on gay news. Or maybe ask me a question about anything you want and I’ll work around that 😀 The subject for today has nothing to do with sex. Sorry about that. I promise I'll post lots of dick pics good things in the future. Today is about music. First:Lana Del Rey. So, despite her somewhat terrible performance on SNL, I’m a fan. I discovered her a few months ago when my best friend and I listened to some of her stuff. She has music industry connections and has introduced me to a few artists before their debuts. I liked what I heard- kind of a retro throwback to the 60s… just my opinion, feel free to disagree. Anyway, I came across her new music video today when I should have been doing economics homework. Second: Madonna. I know its pretty stereotypical of me, but I really enjoy her music. Some of her music is always on my playlist when I jog, some I listen to when I just need to chill. But... one of her songs -Gang Bang- on her album being released next week, MDNA, makes me want to touch myself. Here is an extended loop from youtube set to preview images from the video for 'Girl Gone Wild' Seriously, when I get home from university tonight I'm gonna get it on with Al and slip this song in there somewhere. Maybe at the beginning? This seems like a good song to seductively take your clothes off to and get a little frisky with your lips ;)... hey, so it turns out this post was at least a little about sex. So now its your turn. Tell me your favorites and unknowns. Or tell me songs that I should be fucking to.
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3 thoughts on “Long Coming Blog Post 1”

  1. this is cool… im down for some mental stimulation to supplement the porn. mdna is rad and i dont care if that makes me a pussy. lana however, is way too overhyped in my opinion, and not even b/c of the snl performance (which i dont give a shit about). she is a new age wannabe nancy sinatra and fiona apple easily outdoes her on the style she’s trying so hard to go for. anyway i hate bitching about artists like im some sort of critic, so ill move on to a recommendation… you should check out Charli XCX (self proclaimed “dark pop”)- especially Nuclear Seasons

    and Valentine


    Also check out artist Grimes:


    her name is Claire Bechet and I think shes one of the more talented original artists to come along in a while. Hopefully those links work and good luck with this undertaking. Also happy birthday coming up from a fellow aries

    1. chillaseff » Thanks for the recommendations! 😀 But just to be clear on Lana, I do agree she has been overhyped. This is going to sound really pretentious, but I’d heard her music LONG before she became known to most, simply because of my friend. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially an Aries’ 😉

      1. rad. ya man no pretense assumed. and im always happy to give and receive music hype- its kind of my thing… i mean what else would be? im only about to be 21 so my “things” cover all of about 3 main areas: music, sex, and a college educated pseudo intellectualism. anyway cheers

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