Living in Florida…

Living in Florida has some benefits. It doesn't really feel like the holidays with it being pretty warm outside still, but thats ok. Because when we have our annual Santa runs, our hot gay men get to wear skimpy underwear outside nearly all year long! These photos were taken at the Tampa Santa Speedo Run- you can see more photos here (credit: Gay Cities) Sponsored by: Randy Blue- Click here to visit Randy Blue. 904441_482749785177073_1153157526_o-550x366 - Copy 914116_482812575170794_1734755256_o-550x366 - Copy 967156_482750155177036_606101193_o-550x366 - Copy 977108_482810065171045_1637263564_o-366x550 - Copy 1396894_482750898510295_327463822_o-366x550 - Copy 1397309_482750671843651_1005190738_o-550x366 1397915_482749365177115_293770604_o-366x550 - Copy 1398307_482749511843767_1428741842_o-366x550 1399369_482810298504355_792842150_o-366x550 1400383_482749211843797_325641368_o-550x366
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