Little Jake makes a screen debut?

So the debate right now is whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal shows his penis in the new movie 'Love and Other Drugs'. We are quite positive Anne Hathaway gets bare breasted, but honestly, its Jake I'm concerned about. So this is the screen cap: And here is the close up 😉 I'm not forming an opinion until I see a clip, which seem to be ripped off the internet at an alarming rate lol. But if I find one that actually works, its yours
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7 thoughts on “Little Jake makes a screen debut?”

  1. I couldn’t give a damn whether it is or not, just the thought of it has me melting in my pants.

    Though I definitely think it’s the coffee table behind them

  2. Jake passed up a great chance to show (It) in “Broke Back . . .”, but he used a stunt double to jump off the cliff for the nude scene. Heath, on the other hand featured his wang, and I there is a running shot of him to prove it.

  3. Ive seen the movie and i didnt notice this, therefore, if it really does show his what i assume to be beautiful cock, its unfortunately not for any significant amount of time

  4. I know what scene this is from, but this shot was obviously left out of the final film. Let’s pray for an appearance on the DVD! Anyway, Jake was gorgeous in the movie and looked amazing.

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