Kickass’s kickass body

So, Kickass 2 hits theaters here in a little while and the trailer for the movie just debuted online. I don't really remember anything from the trailer but this: aaron-johnson-2 Check out that ass! enhanced-buzz-13647-1348584773-0 tumblr_mjm0uj9B1W1rr0zwao1_500 Oh... that was Aaron Johnson, btw has been in a bunch of movies, but really hit prominence when Kickass was released in 2010. He was also seen as Count Vronsky in last year's Anna Karenina, which I just read and surprised the hell out of me. Anyway, he has beefed up considerably since Kickass 1, and I'm looking forward to any more sexy movie stills/leaked jerk off videos/ our own upcoming sex tapes. More like Aaron Johnson over at Cockyboys
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2 thoughts on “Kickass’s kickass body”

  1. He had a nude scene in the movie anna karenina, with his ass clearly visible. If u could get your hands on that, do post those

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