Kevin Bacon Wants More Male Nudity

When you think of male celebrities who have shown their dicks on the big screen, Kevin Bacon probably immediately comes to mind. When I was searching for pictures of him nude for this post I was having trouble thinking of the titles of some of the movies he has appeared nude in. When I asked Al the movies he has been nude in, his reply was, “All of them?” So what better person to advocate for more male nudity in film then the man himself? This rather hilarious PSA advises all male celebrities today to… #freethebacon. I’d love to see the meat of quite a few celebrities today- who tops your list? Leave their names in the comments 🙂

Click shirtless Kevin Bacon below to view the video and the top 4 Kevin Bacon nude scenes.

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17 thoughts on “Kevin Bacon Wants More Male Nudity”

  1. On the top of my list would be Chris Evans. I was totally smitten by him when he wore that muscle hugging Captain America costume.

    The second celebrity that I want to see naked is Chris Hemsworth. I have been imagining what he looks like with his pants off, eversince I saw him topless in Thor.

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