Kazaky- Boy Band

Alright, something a little different for this Monday’s post- this is a Ukrainian Boy Band called Kazaky, and they were suggested by KyleR last week.

The group consists of Oleg, Arthur, Kirill and Stas. They made a big splash with the release of their first single “In the Middle” at the end of last year. I suspect we’ll see a lot more from these guys and expect they’ll be quite popular in the gay scene especially.

Below the pictures are two of their videos, one for a recent single, “Love”, and the other for “In the Middle”… their artictic quality is good, but DAMN…. they have some amazing bodies. Enjoy!


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7 thoughts on “Kazaky- Boy Band

  1. Man, their dance technique is REALLY strong! Someone took ballet as a kid….

    Oh yeah, and their bodies are SICK NASTY AMAZING lol

  2. Stas is the hottest in my opinion but in an interview, he admitted to having a GF. And the rest don’t answer questions about it which leads me to think that at least one is gay.

  3. Ok I am not into really girly guys but that one with the curly hair is oober cute! and the dancing is pretty BA!

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