Kanye West’s Nude Pics?

Reports have recently surfaced that Kanye West has sent several racy pics of his privates to several girls who are now shopping the pics around to the highest bidder. I haven't been able to find the pics yet, and honestly I'm not a huge fan of Kanye. I'm just interested to see 🙂 So... if they surface soon, should I post them? What do you guys think?
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13 thoughts on “Kanye West’s Nude Pics?”

    1. First off Kanye is one of the few rappers who is not a HOMOPHOBE AND doesn’t even joke about it. Unlike the CHICKLET TEETH HAVING 50 Cent or the untalented great white hope M and M.

  1. The reason why they haven’t surfaced is cause he doesn’t have one. That’s why he compensates for his big ego.
    Atleast Brett Favre’s surfaced.

  2. actually Kanye is not a homophobe, in fact, has been very outspoken about gay equality….so do your research before you spew your hate

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