Josh Hartnett- Back On TV

Ah Josh Hartnett. He rose to fame just about the time I was discovering Drew Brody. Apparently this is the week of nostalgia. Josh was everywhere for quite a while and then kinda dropped off with his pace. His name pops up here and there in the odd movie or TV show, but now he is on Showtime's new 'Penny Dreadful' Penny_Dreadful_(TV_series)_Poster It blends classic Victorian era characters like Frankenstein and his monster (not as in like a porn where Dr. F is super hung, but like the snarling Boris Karloff character), Mina Harker, Dorian Gray, etc. The show will be released on May 11th on Showtime and lucky for us, Josh shows us his wildside- his backside 😉 Age 35 and he still has it 😉

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GIS 595px-JoshHartnettNov08 Now, for the highlight 😉 josh hartnett butt3 josh hartnett butt2 josh hartnett butt1
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