Josh Duhamel

Born in North Dakota some 37 years ago, Josh Duhamel is one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. My evidence? A have a few pieces to share…

Interesting facts about Josh- He wanted to be a Dentist and dropped out of school just a few credits shy of his undergrad degree; he followed a former girlfriend out to LA; He is sexy as hell; did some famous nudes for Greg Gorman’s ‘As I see it’ photography book; He started his carreer on TV’s All My Children and won a daytime Emmy for his role is 2002 WAIT… there are nude photos he has admitted to? Oh… right, I already have them.

I found this clip of Josh goofing around on set, I think you might enjoy 😉

Damn, Fergie is one lucky girl to get to wake up with that every morning. Oh well, I guess I can still dream right? Either that, or I just keep my computer running all night in bed with me with this pic up:

There- now I can wake up with him too.

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