Joseph Gordon Levitt

Thanks to Al who found these and told me about them. These came from the premier of 'Looper' in Shanghai this past Tuesday (April 19th). He had to know this was going on. I mean, seriously... but I'm happy he decided to wear those pants 😉 These come from the Big Bulge Collection. Luckily we'll be seeing him in the new Batman movie, as it was just announced he has a role- which doesn't surprise me. Christopher Nolan sticks with the same actors frequently... luckily they are all good. But really, Tom Hardy AND Joseph Gordon Levitt in the same movie AGAIN? I can't handle that much hotness. I'm going to try though 😀 Check out more JGL on The Male Star Blog HERE Need some porn? Check out OUT IN PUBLIC here!
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4 thoughts on “Joseph Gordon Levitt”

  1. I love Joseph Gordon Levitt….there were some great budges in “500 Days of Summer” He is just so damn hot!

  2. Wow everytime there is a photo of a man with a bulge it is posted up here or on banana blog. As if penis is the only sexiness of a man. You’ve stopped posting beautiful attractive men and have just been posting average guys because you can see a bump in their pants.

  3. mmm he is really adorable *dreamy look i face*

    i got petty turned on during the wonked’ grav fight sequence in inception.

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