Jim Carey’s graphic sex scene…

This clip is from the movie 'I Love You Phillip Morris' in which Jim and Ewan McGregor play criminals and... gay lovers. The movie premiered last year at the Sundance Film Festival and was slated for release in the US in February... well, that didn't happen and so far its been pushed back a number of times. Supposedly its being released in October, but even now that looks unlikely. Luckily, I came across found a click of a very graphic sex scene. Alright, so for some reason the video I posted here isn't working. However, I do have the link for it! Click Here to watch it. Thanks to Joeman for providing an extra link with less annoying advertisements! What do you think?
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7 thoughts on “Jim Carey’s graphic sex scene…”

  1. For a good gay criminals film check out Burnt Money/Plata Quemada from Argentina. Stars Eduardo Noriega (very hot) and Leonard Sbaraglia as a gay Bonnie & Clyde type couple on a crime spree in the 60s. Great soundtrack too.

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  2. The movie is so funny, and kinda romantic 😉
    Why not post something about Ewan Mcgregor too? He’s played many gay roles
    and i gotta admit that he’s cute as a gay guy and so hot as well ^_^.

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