Jean Dujardin Gay Scene

I hope you all got to see the fantastic movie 'The Artist' last year... if not for the movie itself, then for the sexy, handsome, dreamy Jean Dujardin. Exibit A) And exhibit B) His new film, Les Infideles, includes a gay sex scene with a man that looks remarkably like him... here are a couple of gifs of the action that I could find:
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4 thoughts on “Jean Dujardin Gay Scene”

  1. The other guy is Gilles Lellouche… another hot french actor…
    On the video, Jean Dujerdin is the bottom! Enjoy!

  2. Nice, downloading the blu ray right now. From the description, it sounds like it is a series of short films rather than one long one.

    1. So its not a series of short films. I got around to watching it, Les Infideles, it was a decent film. The gay scene is at the very end and is only for a couple seconds, unfortunately. There is no US release, just french and UK releases.

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