Jason Momoa’s Bare Butt!

So these screen caps are from HBO's Game of Thrones and stars Jason Momoa's ass, who is mighty sexy. Although, I kind of feel like tapping his shoulder and saying "Excuse me, your long hair is obscuring my few of your hot ass... thanks, CONTINUE!" He is best known for his role in Stargate: Atlantis and will be seen in the upcoming 'Conan: The Barbarian' as the barbarian himself! This one is in 3d, so lets hope there are some ass shots in there. I'll be reaching for it like kids always reach for the screen in 3d movies. And here is the video! And here he look slightly less... well... here he is from the front:
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2 thoughts on “Jason Momoa’s Bare Butt!”

  1. Hopefully he’ll strip again in Conan which comes out in August. Unfortunately- I’ve seen ZERO promos done for it!

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