5 thoughts on “Jared Leto tweets a pic of his Abs”

  1. here’s the thing …

    isn’t he like … 38?

    I have no problem with old men, but I like it when men LOOK their age!

    He’s still riding on this teen rocker look that really bothers me, which is sad because as we can see (and heard), he’s HOT.

    but ….


    And he’s just so obnoxious in his interviews sometimes.

  2. WTF . . . you sound a bit negative and jealous. Yes, he is hot and cocky! Hope you LOOK and DRESS better than this when you reach that “old man” age of 38.

  3. If you still look good enough to wear it then why the hell not. Jared Leto is extremely hot and never looks like he’s wearing something that he shouldn’t.

    I need a Jared Leto sex tape ASAP

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