James McAvoy Insists He’s A Top…

On a recent appearance on the Graham Norton show, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were given glimpses of some fan art. Their reactions are amazing. James mainly seemed concerned that the artists always seemed to portry him in a submissive role to Fassbender. After a view pic, James says, "...if anyone is going to be doing the giving..." Fassbender just laughs. Scroll down for the video. 2010-05-27-james_mcavoy peliculas-de-michael-fassbender_121760.jpg_28484.670x503 full_banner I wonder if there is a reason why most of these artists would put Michael on top... Oh yes. I believe its because of this scene in the movie 'Shame' tumblr_lyvdsbRaCI1qjipi2o1_r1_500

I've posted lots about Fassbender before- click here to see all the hotness including lots of bulge pics.

So- who do you think would be on top? Michael Fassbender or James McAvoy? Tell me in the comments! Anyway, here is the clip from the Graham Norton Show- definitely worth a laugh 🙂
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