James Marsden oldies but goodies

You most likely have seen these pics of James Marsden before, but I'm a little lost on what to post, and I've had a glass.... or four... of wine and am quickly approaching that point where typing will be fruitless. These are James in the shower from quite a while ago. Enjoy! James (I have a fish named James BTW) is probably best known for his role in the X-Men trilogy where he played cyclops. If you didn't see that, he was Lois Lane's Husband in Superman Returns. If you didn't see that he was in Enchanted. And a bunch of other stuff. Alright... time to stop blogging 😀 Or drinking.....
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7 thoughts on “James Marsden oldies but goodies”

  1. I’ve always thought he was hot. And I just cracked up when you said you had some glasses of wine and then you mention your fish…lol!

    1. @Mark: Haha, yeah I definitely can’t handle my alcohol at all. I’m what you would call a 1/2 beer queer…. I’m surprised I was even able to open my laptop and post, but if you flash Pinot Noir in my face, I’m doing to drink it.

  2. I was watching the X Men movies the other night, and practically frothing at the mouth because of him; yet lo and behold! I’d not seen these before, so I’m glad you’d had a few glasses. 😉

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