James Franco Gets Topped

This badly taped video is from the movie The Broken Tower, about the poet Hart Crane. You read the headline, so you... I'm sure just want to see the video- Here it is! I'll try and find a better quality version to replace it with at some point 😀 I'll let you know when that happens. Screen Caps!
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9 thoughts on “James Franco Gets Topped”

  1. Okay, how many gay characters does James want to do! I shouldn’t but . . . I start to wonder about their sexual preferences after the 3rd film. Anyway, I find it refreshing and hot that he’s comfortable playing these roles. Guess it runs in the family – cause his brother tries to out do him.

    1. . . . in my further investigations on this film – found out that James Franco wrote and directed it.

  2. i have always asked myself if people actually have sex in movies, like in this scene for example. can anyone tell me?

    1. would be kind of awkward to. I know in Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, then married, had real sex for the camera. Most of the time tho they put on these socks over their genitals.

    2. an » Mike is right. They do not actually have sex. They use what is called a “cock sock” which is exactly what it sounds like. I’ve also heard that a pillow is placed in the private areas during the simulated intercourse… just in case 😉 I’ve heard the rumors about ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ being real sex as well- although I can’t confirm it.

  3. James Franco could be the next James Dean if want to, and maybey accept is homoseuality, after all it 2012.

  4. I watched the movie; nice and arty – but a bit depressing. There is another scene in the movie where they show James Franco sucking a cock. (maybe not a real dick, but it really looks like one)

  5. The oral sex scene in the Blue Bunny was actual oral sex. There is also a movie coming out where Shia La…. has actual sex in the film.

    1. Nymphomaniac? From what I’ve heard, the technology used was that the actors were digitally spliced with hardcore extras…

      Naturally, the time-consuming editing work was one of the reasons the release was delayed quite some time…

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