Jake Gyllenhaal

So these strips of pics are old ones, but a reader asked me to get some good ones of Jake, so I thought what the hell. They are pretty hot, why not? Jake has been pretty busy lately in film, really ever since 'Brokeback Mountain.' He will be seen, and by that I mean shirtless most of the time, in the upcoming 'Prince of Persia." Need a reason to go see it? How about this- I doubt he'll appear in spandex biker shorts in the film, but if he did, it might look something like this:
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5 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal”

  1. What is it about this guy? He’s really not gorgeous in the usually sense– there’s something…unusual about his looks. But if I was in a room with him, there’s no way I could take my eyes off him. Oh… and the bulge helps…

  2. Just fuggedaboudit! He is hot. There is something arresting about him. Is it “gaydar” I am getting, or what?! By the way, Jake, you can arrest me anytime while I cum to think about it!!!

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