Jack Wilshere has caught my eye…

Know who Jack Wilshere is? I didn't either... but I'll fill you in. He plays football in England, currently on loan to the Bolton Wanderers. He is 18... ummmm... pretty good... ahh. And the real reason I'm making this post? BAM! Check out these 'perfect' abs. I mean... seriously! Those bad boys are amazing. Jack is a major hottie, so I'm glad I discovered him. Here are some more tantalizing pics and a video of Jack in action. Unfortunately it isn't the action thats #1 on my list, but impressive nonetheless. Need some release? Check out Haze Him here for Jack of a different sort!
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One thought on “Jack Wilshere has caught my eye…”

  1. Just to let you know, Wilshere isn’t on loan to Bolton anymore, he’s now with Arsenal 🙂

    But yeh, I agree, the things I would do to him

    Mmmmmmm 😉 😉

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