Ivan Pillud, footballer, nude on cam

So these came out about a year ago, but I just saw them. This is Ivan Pillud, hot Argentinian footballer currently playing for Racing Club de Avellaneda. I honestly have no idea what that is. Now, to make the images a little bigger you are going to have to click on them, but its totally worth it. Promise. Ivan was born April 1986 and has been playing since 2005. Like I said, these came out last year after he was apparently camming with someone, no word on who, but that person leaked these images... I guess you can't trust anyone... then again, when you've got it like this, it can't really hurt your career. Get a 2-day trial membership to Out In Public for $4.95 here!
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6 thoughts on “Ivan Pillud, footballer, nude on cam”

  1. well… Al or An … you’re both amazing and let me tell you something… If you found THIS VIDEO you will be MY IDOLS… was looking 4 it since I saw the hot damn pictures…


    Any doubts about anything of Pillud or argentinian football, just ask me… I’m argentinian.

    GREAT JOB! love your blogS!

    1. @Jay: Believe me, I really seared for it but was unsuccessful. I’ll keep trying though!

  2. You should post the semi-nude pics of John Meyer in that string bikini thing that Borat wore, his ass is amazing! wouldn’t have expected that for him. And while you’re at it you can put the actual Borat in the same suit too, lol I think they look sexy

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