Its Bulge Week!

So... I was at the gym this morning and this hottie HAD to know what was going on down there. He was doing it on purpose. Much like my boyfriend. Yes, he is huge. No, he can't just remove his dick (He likes to point this out... I think of it when he is away and I'm horny as shit). BUT... comon. At some point you are just showing off. Not that I'm complaining. So... first off.... Here is Milo Ventimiglia Best known for his role on HEROS, here are a couple of GIFs from "Thats My Boy", which I didn't see. But I'm told the only part worth watching is the following: milo-3 milo-4 Here are a couple of other pictures of this smoldering stud 114012_f520 1251217839_milo_ventimiglia_290x402 Want to see something really hot? Visit Tim Tales to see one of my absolute favorite porn stars at work
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2 thoughts on “Its Bulge Week!”

  1. Milo is hot but halfway through the series, Heroes, one side of his face was like permanently stuck one way and it looked like he suffered a stroke.

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