It continues…

I'm having a terrible streak of bad luck/ stress. My computer decided to crash on me, causing me to loose everything (Thank God I recently backed up all my photography to my external hard drive), including all my bookmarks of what I was going to post this week.... sooooo, there wont be any hot celebrity stuff this week. There WILL be a porn star Saturday post tomorrow, but right now my priority is a gigantic exam and ignoring the fact my bank account is crying. Its nice to have a brand new computer, its not nice to have to pay for one. I hope everyone is having a much better week than I am.
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3 thoughts on “It continues…”

  1. Hopefully your week turns around with a successful weekend leading into a new start on Monday. I’d give you an A+++ on your exam considering all you do on here… replying to us, trying to accommodate our suggestions and bringing us the hot men of porn, modeling and pop culture.

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