Is 2013 The Year of Coming Out?

Another actor has confirmed that he is gay. Victor Garber confirmed the rumors during an interview. He also confirmed he'd be taking his longtime Boyfriend Rainer Andreeson to the SAG awards. You know Victor from one of the biggest movies of all time- Titanic. He was also seen recently in Argo, which just won the best film (drama) at the Golden Globes (where, Jodi Foster also possibly came out...) Here is Victor, so you can put a name with the face victor-garber Here is his 14 year Canadian lover, Rainer- rainer And here they are together... awe! victor-garber-rainer-andreesen
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8 thoughts on “Is 2013 The Year of Coming Out?”

  1. Bravo!
    (waiting for 2 of Hollywood’s hottest men to come out – know for a fact they are gay, but hey, people have to take their own time)

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