In the Not So Distant Past…

Ok, so I have to admit I never really took Matthew McConaughy seriously as an actor. It wasn't that I thought he was a bad actor... I enjoyed quite a few of his movies. But if you told me three years ago when I posted a bulge pic of him (ALMOST TO THE EXACT DATE) that he would win an Academy Award I would have laughed at you. But... after Dallas Buyers Club and his amazing performance I definitely put him in a different caliber actor. I took him so seriously, I almost forgot he hates wearing underwear. So, I feel the need for these pics to resurface:

Get some: Lucas- $14.95 for life!

tumblr_lk6xwvxQ6w1qgg4jpo1_500 After a little more searching and sifting through lots of pics, I collected a few of this beautiful guy. Congrats to him on his big win- here's to hoping he stays on top of the game. And on top of that body... matt ass matthew_mcconaughey__ABS   tumblr_lk6xwz9KIU1qgg4jpo1_400 tumblr_m5mx49Ut7j1qgg4jpo1_500 tumblr_mcubr5TtLb1qgg4jpo1_500 tumblr_mcubr5TtLb1qgg4jpo2_500
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