“In Other News, Water Is Wet”

The internet is full of "I told you so!"'s this morning as Tom Daley exits the closet. The headline was from a twitter status Albert was laughing about this morning. Regardless, its still big news when someone so young, and so in the spotlight, can muster up the courage to do this. Watch the video 🙂 Congrats Tom!
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9 thoughts on ““In Other News, Water Is Wet””

  1. I think it’s great how we gays figured he was gay all along and now it’s on the mainstream news. I haven’t seen on blog where most of the followers just “knew” he was. Vindication.

  2. Y E S (I love getting news like this)
    I was always hoping he was gay because I thought it would be a shame for someone with his kind of extraordinary body not to be appreciated & worshiped by another man. Tom seems like a sweetie too. So there is one, REAL LUCKY guy out there – wish it were me!

  3. We all knew he was gay…that writing was on the wall. He’s only 19, so it’s not a wonder that he might still be trying to figure things out for himself. However, he did only recently, I think in September, speak out in an interview how he appreciates his gay fans and that if he were gay he would have no problem coming out about it but that he was straight. Obviously he figured it out back in the Spring, according to this, that he wasn’t straight, so there was no need for the comments in September.

    1. At what point did Tom Daley say he was gay? That’s right he didn’t. He did not label himself so why did you choose to do so. You have missed the point.

  4. He says he feels ‘loved and protected’. Does this mean his lover is older? Wondering if the guy is perhaps involved in swimming (an instructor perhaps), a military man (the idea of Prince Harry possibly being his lover is arousing), a sportsman (David Beckham comes to mind) or a regular guy. Swimmer’s build, muscular, hefty? British, European, from the Americas, from Asia, from Africa?

    Curious as to how they met. At a party? At a sports event? If they first were out in a group setting. How long it took for the lover to seduce him (I assume that is how it happened).

    Glad he has found a man. He is very attractive.

    I am sure I am not alone in wanting to know more …

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