In addition to having a bad-ass name….

He also looks good under running water! For those of you who have not seen Star Trek, the film's villain is played by a fantastic actor named Benedict Cumberbatch. Seriously. Best. Name. Ever. Anyway, his small shower scene was cut from the film, unfortunately, but J.J. Abrams was recently on 'Conan' talking about bit of sexuality in the movie- luckily he brought the clip along. Here is a screen cap- article-2329394-19F2E2AA000005DC-708_634x343 And here is the video from Conan- Hot porn? Yes please. Visit here: Titan Men
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2 thoughts on “In addition to having a bad-ass name….”

  1. You should look up the the show called Sherlock, played by him and Watson played by Martin Freeman ( who also played Bilbo Baggins in the hobbit). Its a very clever show with great homosexual undertones.
    Im glad to see you’ve found us cumberbitches.

    1. I’ve heard that is a great show! I’ve added it to the list of stuff I need to watch. lol. I wish I had more time though!

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