I’m sure you’ve heard by now…

That Ryan Reynolds was listed as People's Sexiest Man Alive. I've been saying it for awhile 🙂 But honestly, there are soooo many sexy guys on the list, I wouldn't be able to choose. Also on the list: Joe Manganiello: Jake Gyllenhaal: (Bulge pics HERE) Jon Haam: Kellan Lutz: (Kellans bulge HERE, CK underwear pics HERE and HERE Matthew Morrison: Robert Downey Jr.: Those are just my favorite. For a more comprehensive list, visit People online, here For more Stars in various states of undress, including Sexiest Man Alive Nominee Vin Diesel, click here for Hollywood Exposed.
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2 thoughts on “I’m sure you’ve heard by now…”

  1. Umm…why isn’t Zac Efron and Bradley Cooper on there? Boo.

    I like the “For Sale” sign right above Kellan Lutz’s photo. He’s damn fine and my dream man. haha.

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