I’m back!

Sorry about the interruption in regular posts. I was pretty busy visiting beautiful places like this But I'm back home now getting ready for finals at school- so there are less distractions. Thanks for your patience, and if you ever visit LA, I have a list of places you should go 🙂
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3 thoughts on “I’m back!”

    1. @Joseph: El Matador Beach (one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen), Griffith Park for the miles and miles of amazing trails, Mulholland Drive at night for some amazing city views and the tapas joint Primitivo in Venice. Oh- and The Getty 🙂 Hit any of em?

  1. Hehe, we just stayed for two days there, at downtown LA. Didn’t get to see much of LA, though. I had a problem with my left foot, and I needed to rest it. Next time I visit LA, I’ll try your suggestions. 🙂

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