I’m A Pornstar…

No. Not me. I'm actually referring to the documentary series that was brought to my attention. Many of you might not have a clue, but I'm a gigantic nerd. Al brought me home a history magazine once as a surprise. I made a high-pitched sound that usually teenage girls make, and then pretty much didn't talk to him until I had devoured its contents cover to cover. So, when this documentary was brought to my attention, I got excited. IAPS-Poster The documentary is a a web series created by director Charlie David, sponsored by Guy Spy, and is part historical review and part sociological/psychological study of gay porn, and of course as you'd imagine, gay porn stars. There are 4 episodes and one introductory video so far, but there are more to come. I've posted the episodes available so far below, and if there is enough interest, will continue to post them as they make their way from the members area of Guy Spy to youtube. So, if you need a break from beating off, check it out.


MiddlePic Introduction video: Episode One: Episode Two: Episode Three: Episode Four:
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11 thoughts on “I’m A Pornstar…”

  1. I actually like this documentary style series. It’s cool to see behind the scenes, and get historical info about the porn world. Thx u for posting this.

  2. “Real people having real sex is what people want” coming from a gay for pay, that’s EXACLTY why I wish straight men would stay out of my porn!

      1. Lú. comentou em 6 de julho de 2012 às 20:58. Muito bem escrito o texto. Acho que permite abrir a cabeça de quem está completamente fechada no mundinho `it`e da moda. Mas gosto muito da ideia de não ter um rótulo… De ser, vestir e fazer o que gosto!

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