I might just have to get this…

So incase you didn't know, there is a Twilight inspired gay porn coming out this summer called 'Twinklight." I recently came across the 'official trailer' for it, and have to say... it really made my day... but maybe not in the way you think. Watch for yourself- So, what do you think? Honestly (and not to demean people who are into the whole vampire fantasy thing) I don't think I could even jerk off watching this- I'd be laughing too hard. But I'm probably going to watch it nonetheless 🙂 Below is the poster
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4 thoughts on “I might just have to get this…”

  1. Its actually quite hot… The whole, “movie inspired theme”. Its better than the shit cliché story-lines of porn these days…

  2. I’m sooo excited for this movie! Vampires, being as seductive as they, would make perfect gay characters. The whole idea of sexy gay vampires lusting over their innocent lovers is so…erotic! The eternal struggle between their most primal feeding instincts and their undying craving for carnal pleasure… Can’t wait! This movie has great potential…I’m getting so aroused just thinking avout it! They better not ruin it! Not a big fan of the poster though…it looks a little too ordinary.

  3. The video was removed from youtube, but there is an official website for the movie. I didn’t like it. Too many gay fems used through the movie.

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