I Love When Actors Are Not Afraid of Nudity!

Ok, so admittedly I had no idea who David Pevsner was when I saw this. Sooooo... I looked him up like any good gay blogger would. He's done a few TV shows like Desperate Housewifes, NYPO Blue, Las Vegas, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy- its actually a quite impressive little list. Speak of what else is impressive- Check out this pic- Pretty friggin impressive for a fifty year old. I love the undies around his ankles- Thats how I walk around my apartment. Click here for more guys like David... Hot Older Male
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5 thoughts on “I Love When Actors Are Not Afraid of Nudity!”

  1. Okay. As soon as I saw his picture my “gaydar” went off and my dick got hard. I Googled him and apparently he is a cast-member of a gay-themed web-series called “Old Dogs & New Tricks”, which is going into it’s second season. The link to the website is here: http://olddogsnewtrickstheseries.com/

    And, I know this does not mean he is gay. But, I sure hope he is! WOOF!!!

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