Hump Day… with Bear Grylls

This show is on a lot at my place. For those of you who don't watch it, it may not be as 'real' as it looks, but its damn entertaining and Bear Grylls... well, I definitely want to get lost in the middle of nowhere with him for several reasons. "Well, I think to keep warm at night... we are gonne have to... ya know..." Here, we celebrate Hump Day with Bear (make sure you check out the last couple of pictures for an added surprise!) First: This is what Bear normally looks like, for those who aren't familiar. I also found these. Granted, I'm sure he is experiencing some shrinkage... he is on a glacier after all, about to jump into that water.
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9 thoughts on “Hump Day… with Bear Grylls”

    1. @Mike: You’d have to watch his show, Man Vs. Wild, to understand. He does the craziest things to “show you how to survive should you ever come across a situation like this.” One episode he happened to come across a dead zebra… and ate it. I don’t mean like on a grill. he just ate it. I didn’t include those pictures because it just isn’t hot. haha.

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