How the hell have I never seen this before?!?

Soooo I was searching for something to post tonight and came across this picture and... well, lets just say my laptop jumped a few inches in my lap. This is of course, Terry Crews. He is in a bunch of terrible movies, usually playing a tough guy. He is also in some hilarious yet slightly annoying Old Spice commercials. I actually might only think they are funny because I have a serious hard on for him. Here is another, although I'm fairly certain this pic is majorly photoshopped. But... even though it is fake... I can certainly dream 😉
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6 thoughts on “How the hell have I never seen this before?!?”

  1. i remember this scene and have j/o’d to it often. when i moved to l.a., guess who was a member of my gym. terry! and every image i had of what he’d look like naked was quickly confirmed and i’d hate to tell you these pics are not photoshopped, he really is that big. easily 5, 5 1/2 soft.

    1. @jeffrey: So I have a question for you… when I’m in LA next can you take me to workout at your gym? Haha

  2. I bet you he’s a teddy bear in bed..

    actually i hope hes a teddy bear in bed, id actually be a little scared of the whole scenario… hes definitely packing.

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