Henry Cavill, Man of Steel Buns

If you haven't heard yet, the lead role of Superman in the franchise reboot (what the hell is with all these comic book reboots?) goes to 27 year old hottie Henry Cavill, best known for his role of Charles Brandon on 'The Tudors'. It just so happened that on that show there was quite a bit of nudity and all sorts of medieval sex (unfortunately for a few of Henry's wives). Luckily, he got naked at least once and we get to see the... fruits of his labors. Not too mention he is just all kinds of sexy and I can't wait to see him in tights. Woo Hoo! The director of the film, Zack Snyder, is totally badass and isn't afraid of showing what other directors would not... did you see Watchmen? If not, one of the characters shows his great big blue glowing cock through the entire movie (don't ask- its a long explanation). So lets hope for the best. I'll start with his O face:
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6 thoughts on “Henry Cavill, Man of Steel Buns”

  1. Hey! You stole my moniker! I forgive you, though. Henry and Brandon are the ones I had in mind (besides my own hot ass) when I came up with it several years ago. Hot pics, by the way. I may “borrow” them from you. 😉

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