Happy World Cup! My Favorite…

Ahhh soccer stars. Soccer is still vastly underrated in the US, where everyone focuses on football and basketball. Sure, each of those sports has some major hotties, but soccer... mmmmmm.

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  Who is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!   Tim Cahill- Austrailia 146202762-10-480w-360x418 Qatar v Australia - 2010 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifier Football - Everton v Tottenham Hotspur Barclays Premier League       Olivier Giroud- France Olivier-Giroud-19 b61wkd3rveyvye3 BVlslE4CIAAoxWg olivier-giroud-02       Nani- Portugal. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THAT SIX PACK! tumblr_louy93hk4S1qkvt19o1_400 34 nani (6) 602896230 Nani_620_1751554a Of course there is Christiano Ronaldo... who I've posted tons of before. Click here to see my collection of his hottest pics!
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3 thoughts on “Happy World Cup! My Favorite…”

  1. I don’t know much about soccer because to me it’s boring as hell, but I’m totally in love with a Spanish soccer player called Xabi Alonso. I once charged him, he was buying two copies of the latest Leonard Cohen album and I almost jumped the cashier machine and screamed “TAKE ME!” LOL. Then he uploaded a picture of the CD to his Twitter account <3

    Just google him or tumblr him and you will understand me 😀

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