Sometimes when I see nudity in movies I just think to myself, oh please... that was so unnecessary. I still usually enjoy it, but... you know. Like this clip from Spartacus- I know its not a real penis, but it made me giggle. And then you get thinking about the whole "a room full of fucking gorgeous, naked, men who ooze masculinity, and about how you'd like to do nothing but be in the middle of all of them. Er... maybe thats just me. More Spartacus here (with REAL dicks), and just in case you didn't get enough of Craig Parker's dick in that last post, click here to see a more recent post on him. And, if large fake dicks is your thing, here is one of my first posts on The Male Star Blog, featuring the infamous Boogie Nights scene. Want modern military men? Click here to visit Military Classified. One of my favs 😉
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3 thoughts on “Gratuitous”

  1. Man, you have to check out P!nk’s new video “Try”! Besides being fucking fantastic and spectacular and one of the best music videos ever made, it features one of the hottest guys I have ever seen!!

  2. I’m sorry to let you in on a “BIG” secret – but the penis the lead character is sporting is a prosthetic one. Just like the one worn by Joe Lo Truglio’s character in the movie “Wanderlust”. Now you can purchase a well endowed fake penis with pubic hair @ around $850 that look undetectable at close range.

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