Grant Bowler

I was thinking of what to write in this post. I mean, this guys has such a ridiculous bulge at the premier of Despicable Me 2 that it isn't even funny. I could have written about the fact that it is a kids movie. I could have even written a few puns about his last name being Bowler, and it looking like he carries some big balls around with him, etc. I could've written so many things! spl566957_022-454x670 spl566957_023-448x670 YcaHVMg But it wasn't until I was looking up some other pics for him that I saw this, and nearly died laughing. Clipboard02 I mean seriously. I does look like he would... ahem... stretch your horizons. Here he is without a shirt: 10549774_ori To see the full collection of The Male Star Blog posts listed under 'bulge' click here More hot College Dudes porn, right here!
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6 thoughts on “Grant Bowler”

    1. Are you using Internet Explorer? There seems to be an issue with my site and IE

  1. His pants fits like that because he has a big sexy ass. Just watch Defiance and you will see what I mean. Probably took up all the room in his pants leaving nothing for his “boys” up front. Lol.

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